Who can be a member ?

  • Members of the Association might be Ordinary and Honorary members.A Member of the Association shall be of lawful age and may be a Polish citizen or a foreign citizen, regardless of his/her residence, as long as the terms and conditions of the present paragraph are met and as long as the membership fee (200.00 PLN per full year or 100.00 PLN per half-year) has been paid. A member of the Association may not be minor. An Ordinary Member of the Association may be a spouse or a partner of the Head of Mission accredited in the Republic of Poland.An Honorary Member may be a person who has distinguishably contributed to the Association’s establishment and organization. An Honorary Member may also be a Head of Mission without a spouse resident in Poland.

    The requirements described in this section do not have application to the founding members of the Association.


  • The Management Board adopts on request of the persons specified in the paragraph 9 of the present Articles of Association a resolution on their admission as members of the Association.Ordinary and honorary membership shall be acquired by the interested person at the time the Management Board has adopted a resolution on his/her admission as a member of the Association.


  • Membership ceases in the case of signing off the list of members or exclusion from the Association.Signing off the list of members takes place in case of:a. death of a member;b. loss of the status of a spouse or a partner of the Head of Mission accredited in the Republic of Poland;

    c. expiring of the term of office of the Head of Mission (Ambassador) accredited in the Republic of Poland

    d. withdrawal of the member from the Association.

    Signing off the list of a member shall be performed by a resolution of the Management Board and take effect from the moment of appearing of an event which grounds it.

    Exclusion from the Association may take place when a member:

    a. does not comply with this Articles of Association;

    b. undertakes actions contrary to the Association’s aims;

    c. is in arrears with payment of the membership contribution for a period of at least six months

    The resolution on a member’s exclusion shall be adopted by the Management Board on request of at least a quarter of all the Ordinary Members of the Association or its Audit Committee.

    The Management Board shall, within 14 days, send a copy of the grounded resolution on exclusion to the excluded member. A member excluded from the Association may lodge an appeal to the General Meeting of Members within 30 days from the date of receipt of the resolution.

    A member excluded from the Association may rejoin the Association after 3 years from the date of the resolution on exclusion becoming final.