Membership Benefits

  1. The Ordinary Members of the Association have the right to:
    • participate in all Association’s works and actions;
    • make use of the events and actions organized by the Association;
    • propose new directions of expansion of the Association’s activity;
    • elect and be elected to the Association’s bodies;
    • vote during the General Meeting of Members;
    • express their opinion on the Association’s activity and the activity of it’s bodies;
    • withdraw from the Association at any time.
  2. The Ordinary Members of the Association are committed to:
    • concern about good reputation of the Association;
    • comply with the provisions thereof;
    • pay membership contributions;
  3. All rights and obligations of the Ordinary Members apply to Honorary Members, except the right of electing and being elected to the Association’s bodies, the right to vote during the General Meeting, and the obligation to pay membership contributions.