Letter from the President of SHOM 2019 – Lilia Milenova Higuera


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Spouses of Heads of Mission (SHOM) Association website!

SHOM is an Association that creates bridges between people from different cultural and academic background. It is a place to share your talent or receive the support and motivation to discover a new one. SHOM members might have different background and yet they share similar experiences when arriving in Poland. That is why we center our efforts in activities that encourage friendly environment, cultural exchange and local knowledge creation.

Since joining the Association, I have met wonderful men and women who continue to amaze me with their originality and the variety of the diverse experiences they care from all over the world. It is amazing to see people who are ready to get involved in activities they never thought of and find friends where least expected.  We truly have an extraordinary membership!

Moreover, SHOM is an Association that is leading the organization of charitable activities dedicated to the achievement of positive social impacts in local society and to the development of diverse experiences of intercultural space. As our  flagship activity is the organization of the International Charity Bazaar, the funds from which are distributed between more than 20 local Charitable Organizations each year.  Since 2008 the Bazaar has become a major event in Poland during Christmas with growing popularity and increasing number of visitors. The Bazaar is an excellent opportunity for the diplomatic corps to get involved in local society activities and to contribute an to those who most need it. For SHOM it is an honor to be able to work with and for the beneficiaries on one side and on another to participate in the creation of a space that offers diverse cultural immersion to Polish society.

If what we do sounds like you – we would love to have you join us at one of our upcoming General Meetings or any of our events.

Kind regards,

Lilia Milenova Higuera