Criteria for Funding

SHOM Warsaw Charity Guidelines

The aim of SHOM is helping people in need, doing good.

Guidelines for SHOM-members

All SHOM-members (Founding, Regular and Honorary) have the right to sponsor and propose requests for funding the charitable work of specific organizations or individuals (the Proposed Recipient).

A SHOM-member can send in more than one funding request per year. However, he or she needs to follow these rules:

  • The SHOM-member needs to act as direct liaison between the Proposed Recipient and SHOM.
  • The SHOM-member should visit the Proposed Recipient before he or she sends in a request for funds.
  • The SHOM-member is responsible for collecting all the necessary details of the Proposed Recipient and keeping this information up to date.
  • Requests for funds have to be submitted to the SHOM Charity Committee on the attached Application Form.
  • The SHOM-member personally needs to sign the Application Form. This can’t be done by an Embassy.
  • The SHOM-member must organize a visit for members of the SHOM Charity Committee to the Proposed Recipient.

Guidelines for Proposed Recipients:

  • The Proposed Recipient needs to make a presentation for the members of the SHOM Charity Committee or allow a visit from those members.
  • The Proposed Recipient needs to sign a Memor of Agreement with SHOM.
  • The Proposed Recipient has to acknowledge SHOM as a sponsor in their publications/websites.
  • The Proposed Recipient needs to be ready to make a presentation of their work and the intended use of the funding requested at the annual SHOM Bazaar.

SHOM’s Funding Criteria:

  • Preference to fund new projects/recipients rather than the same ones every year.
  • Preference to fund short term projects rather than projects that take some years.
  • Preference to fund projects/recipients that benefit the poor, the homeless, the infirm or disabled, woman and children in need of help due to poverty or abuse, etc.
  • Preference to fund projects/activities that will either become self-sustaining (i.e. create its own revenues) or be of a one-time basis, rather than perpetuate longer term dependency. Such items may include: housing, scholarships and traineeships, medical equipment, etc.
  • Preference for funding specific projects/activities/equipment that directly benefit individuals in need. Funding is not generally intended to cover recurring operating expenses of an organization/recipient (for example: wages and salaries, rent, utilities, administrative expenses, etc.).
  • Preference to fund projects/activities that benefit a number of beneficiaries rather than just one or a few.
  • Preference to fund organizations largely run and operated by volunteers rather than paid employees.
  • Preference to fund established and registered Charitable Foundations.
  • Requests for funding from non-registered organizations or individuals will be considered, but there is a preference to channel that assistance through a registered Charitable Foundation which can supervise the use of the funds and make the required reports and submissions to SHOM and the Government as required.
  • If funding provided to an organization or individual that is not registered as a Charity Foundation, SHOM will have to withhold from the funding request the portion applicable to the taxes payable to the Government.

SHOM Special Funds

SHOM sets aside 10% of their funds for disaster relief.

SHOM sets aside 5% of their funds for one scholarship.

(version 16-04-2014)