History of SHOM

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SHOM – Spouses of Head’s of Mission in Warsaw – Our Story…

 In 1999, the wife of the then Ambassador of Belgium, Elena C. van Hellemont, decided to organize a monthly coffee morning for her colleagues in the Diplomatic Corps.  Mme. Helemont was encouraged in this initiative by Elzbieta Bakanowska who, though not a diplomatic spouse, played a major role in establishing SHOM.  Elzbieta was Honorary Member of SHOM until she passed away in 2012.

In 2008, SHOM developed into a more organized association with elected office-holders and bye-laws.

It was also in 2008 that SHOM organized the first International Charity Bazaar which is held annually and raised funds for Polish-based charities.

During 2013, the formal process of establishing SHOM  as a registered association, was initiated. Thanks to our Honorary member Mrs Kasia Braiter and her network, we were able to start and fulfill this time consuming legal work together with our lawyers at BSSK. A founding meeting was held at 9 September with fifteen founders. Revised Articles of Association were sent into the court and we received the decision at the 12 December 2013. The New SHOM was born. An interim board was elected until the General meeting  at 20 March when the present board was elected. A new version of the Articles of Association was agreed upon at the General meeting 20 March 2014 and this last version has already been approved by the court.  We completed all legal steps to be able to work in a professional way. We are very grateful to our lawyers who have guided us through this process and helped us a lot.

Past Presidents

1999 –  2007                         Elena C. van Hellemont, Belgium

2008 – 2009                         Raka Singh, Belgium

2009 – Feb. 2010                Carmen Lya Gallardo, Chile

2010 – 2011                         Lucinda Simas Magalhaes, Brazil

2011 – 2013                         Adele Hutchinson, Ireland

2013 –  2014                         Karin Herrstrom, Sweden

2015 – Mar. 2016                Olivia Nikel, Germany

April 2016 – Mar. 2017      Adriana Krištofíková, Slovakia

April 2017 –                         Kaori Matsutomi, Japan