Message to members of SHOM July 2017

Dear Ladies and gentlemen

I hope all of you are enjoying the summer, precious time in Poland.

After the GM in June, we hold 2 Bazaar Committee meeting and decided the outline of the bazaar in December.


I have sent the letter to the first lady to ask the kind patronage of her.

As soon as I get the answer, I will send the invitation for the Bazaar to all the ambassadors and embassies.

Gabor is kindly taking contacts with some event companies to find someone to assist us for the Bazaar.


We are already working to make the Bazaar successful!!


I am looking forward to seeing all of your smiles in September.

The GM will be held by the Chinese embassy on the 20th in September.

Xia wants to start it from 9:30.

I hope it is not too early for you.

If you strongly want to change the time please let us know.


Have a nice summer vacation!!


All the best wishes to you,